This Is My Story Of Child Abuse

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This is my story of child abuse as she shares it remaining anonymous.  She believed that God didn’t pick her parents well because both of them were addicted to drugs.  Growing up, her parents would always abuse her by pushing and slapping her but never lashed out on her sister.  Around seven years old she had went to Foster Care and was abused there as well.  A few months later she moved with her sister and birth mom to another family member’s home.  And the abuse still continued from her mom.  Her mom even went to the extreme of locking her into a room without food or water for days.  Eventually she and her sister had to go move back with her father.  Never did he refrain from beating her.  Once her aunt had found out about what was happening to her, she had fought for custody and her untouched sister went to live back with their dad.


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