I’d Be In Trouble If I Told Anyone

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Chantelle’s babysitter was an older man, who first kissed her when she was five.  John had threatened Chantelle and said I’d be in trouble if I told anyone.  So she didn’t say anything to her parents about it.  When the next time he had baby sat her, John made her place dress up and made her touch him.  Later that day, she told her father but he didn’t do anything about the situation.  Eventually her parents separated and Chantelle had lived with her mother.  Sometime later, her mother had started dating John the babysitter.  Shortly after dating Chantelle and her mom moved in with John and his son.   John had continued to abuse her and his son had also started abusing her.  After years of abuse, her mom had found out and John had gotten looked up but her dad was never there to support her.  With all the hurt and pain she had battle suicide but has been doing much better since she has been dating.


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